Sunday September 2 2012
Sannino fears Lazio-Palermo

Giuseppe Sannino started his Palermo career with a home defeat and now faces on-form Lazio. “It would be worrying to see a similar performance.”

The Sicilians were crushed 3-0 at the Stadio Barbera by Napoli last week and are the underdogs this evening in Rome.

“We have to work in order to become a team, even if the season has already started and we’re a bit late,” said the Coach.

“It would be worrying to see a similar performance to the one against Napoli. We need to act as a team unit, all running with a specific logic and planned movements.

“Tactical systems are irrelevant if you don’t run with a precise idea on the pitch. At this moment, I think Palermo are more suited to a four-man defence, but that shouldn’t be something that dictates the system.”

Paulo Dybala’s international transfer has finally arrived after a row with Instituto, though the fans are not happy at losing stars like Federico Balzaretti and Giulio Migliaccio.

“I cannot complain to my President or director of sport because we didn’t receive a full-back to replace Balzaretti,” insisted Sannino.

“It’s true we are missing an element in that role, but I am aware we did everything possible to fill that gap.

“I am convinced this will be a good season for Palermo. I won’t place them in any particular zone of the table, but I think we’ll be able to face difficulties.

“There is a lot of pessimism around Palermo today, but that just fires us up even more to prove the critics wrong.”