Friday September 7 2012
Moggi sues Inter for 'spying'

After Christian Vieri won €1m compensation for Inter wiretapping his phone calls, Luciano Moggi announces he’ll demand even more.

The club was ordered to pay the sum to Vieri after it was revealed they hired a private detective agency to track his movements and even tap his phone to see if the striker was abiding by the code of conduct.

The trial suggested the Nerazzurri were performing these checks on several players, referees and former Juventus director general Moggi.

“Vieri was being spied on, but so was I,” Moggi told Radio Kiss Kiss. “When it comes to us, it’ll be even worse. We have requested much more than €1m in damages, but I can’t remember the exact sum.

“I am sure my ban from football will be resolved soon. Will I return to the role of director? At the moment I am enjoying myself doing the job of journalists. Some say I still run Italian football? That’s just an urban myth.”

Moggi then mocked the Calciopoli trial with reference to this season’s refereeing decisions.

“If Juventus had penalties and red cards to their advantage, then that means it wasn’t me behind it! The truth is the Bianconeri focus only on playing. If the referees get things wrong, it’s certainly not the fault of the players on the pitch.”