Saturday September 8 2012
Zampa threat to sell Palermo

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini has warned he is “disappointed by the criticism, so I am seeking a successor” to run the club.

This is not the first time that the fiery patron has made this suggestion, but comes after the season started with two consecutive 3-0 defeats.

Some fans took their protests too far, as a banner was left outside the training ground that read: ‘We’ll break your bones.’

“We are going through a truly difficult time and did not expect it,” he told

“There is a horrible atmosphere and this cannot help the team. People are already talking about relegation, but this Palermo is not a squad of hopeless cases. The fans have to help and support us. We need them.

“They must understand that you cannot always win and shouldn’t get depressed when you lose. It is a bad moment, but we will emerge from it.

“The ones protesting against me are the usual 100 or so who also criticised the team and me last season. There are still real fans at Palermo and I need them.

“In all honesty, I am very disapointed by the criticism, as I have invested a lot in this club and this attitude is pushing me towards seriously seeking a successor to take over Palermo.”

Zamparini has often been criticised for his temperamental chopping and changing of players, directors and Coaches.

“I can tell you that this side is basically the same that beat Inter 4-3 last season, apart from Matias Silvestre and Federico Balzaretti.

“Why did we sell Silvestre? It wasn’t for money, but because I just didn’t like him. We conceded a lot of goals with him in defence, so we gave him to Inter.

“I spoke with Coach Giuseppe Sannino, but not about the tactical system. I have a lot of faith in his work.”