Sunday September 9 2012
Mazzarri blasts 'submissive' refs

Walter Mazzarri confirms he won’t renew his Napoli contract yet and insists referees suffer from “psychological submission” to top clubs.

This week there were reports the Coach had turned down the opportunity to sign a three-year contract extension at the San Paolo.

“We have no big problems in our rapport,” he said of President Aurelio De Laurentiis.

“I believe there should be a strong exchange of opinions with the club owner and, strangely, it may well be positive to have disagreements, as it allows them to understand each other. In any case, our clashes have always been blown out of proportion.

“A contract renewal? Now is not the time,” Mazzarri told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If the President were to offer it, then I would thank him, but I have already said that I need to further motivate the squad and put myself in the firing line, so it’s only right that I wait. There will be the right time and place to discuss it towards the end of the season. Please, let us not talk about contracts any more.

“We have to hope Napoli are constantly improving. Now this club is a stable figure in the battle for the top places in Serie A. Our advantage over Milan and Inter is that we have a solid core of players and haven’t changed that much in recent years.

“Juventus have stars like Andrea Pirlo and Mirko Vucinic. I’d keep an eye out for Roma, too.”

Mazzarri looked back at the huge row that engulfed the Italian Super Cup against Juventus last month, when Napoli boycotted the presentation ceremony in protest at refereeing decisions.

“I am not biased against referees, but at the same time do not tell me they don’t really suffer from psychological submission.

“In order to help referees improve, the designators should pay attention and ensure they apply the rules the same way regardless of which teams are on the field.

“Mistakes can happen, but the real problem is that when in doubt they always favour the more important club.”