Saturday September 15 2012
Allegri: 'It's not so bad...'

Massimiliano Allegri isn’t panicking despite their worst home start in 82 years. “We’ve got one more point than at this stage last season.”

The Rossoneri have lost both their opening San Siro games by 1-0 results, failing to get a single goal against relegation candidates Sampdoria and Atalanta. The only other time this has happened was 1930-31.

“How bad is the situation for Milan? We’ll, we’ve got one more point than at this stage last season,” shrugged the Coach.

Their 3-1 victory at Bologna is starting to resemble a freak occurrence after another uninspired performance in front of frustrated fans.

“Obviously it’s not positive to lose this way, but now we have to look ahead to the Champions League so we can take this weight off our shoulders.

“We need more belief when going forward and finding the goal, as we’re pushing in fits and starts. Above all we require more determination and conviction.

“It went well at Bologna and we were able to win, while today it went less well. After Atalanta scored, it all became much more difficult.”

Allegri was asked whether fans had to get used to the lack of ambition after selling so many top stars.

“The team has certainly changed a great deal, as there are some young lads here and they need to grow up quickly. At the moment we’ve got to shake this weight off our shoulders, as we have talents and can fight it out with everyone.

“We do have to get back on track, but more on a psychological level than a technical one. The lads have to grow up and realise playing with this nervousness and timidity will not allow us to move forward.

“Last season we won very few head-to-heads with the other big clubs and did well against the smaller sides. Maybe this year it’ll be the other way round...”

Allegri insisted his job was safe this week, but confessed after tonight’s defeat to Atalanta that he is “a little bit worried, because it’s not good enough to be playing like this. We need to be more carefree and positive. We are Milan.”

They take on Anderlecht in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.