Monday September 17 2012
Del Piero: Here to win

Alessandro Del Piero has said it was 'easy' to choose Sydney FC, ahead of offers from England, China and the Middle East.

The 37-year-old left Juventus this summer after 19 years of service, but is looking forward to the challenge down under and the pressure of becoming the face of the Australian A-League.

“I know there's a lot of expectations, and I love that,” Del Piero said at his first press conference as a Sydney player today.

“I played at Juventus for 19 years and there you have to win every game, every year. Fortunately most of the time that happened, but my whole life I have played to win.

“I am here to win, and I am here because I trust we can win.”

The World Cup winner also remarked on the level of football in Australia, and the passion for the sport amongst the population.

“First of all I am here for Sydney FC. Then we hope. The A-League will hopefully grow up day-by-day, but that is hard work.

“It was easy to join because the project is very interesting. In everybody there is soccer blood and we hope to wake that up.”

Del Piero concluded by commenting on his current physical fitness.

“I am coming from two months working with my personal trainer and a young team in Italy,” he said. “I'll do everything I can to stay in better condition. Now I just need to go and train with the team.”