Saturday September 22 2012
Cagliari defy 'closed doors' order

Cagliari’s last-minute appeal against playing Roma behind closed doors failed, but President Massimo Cellino defied the authorities by urging fans to attend!

The club had hoped to change the minds of the local authorities by highlighting the work done to the Is Arenas over the last two weeks.

However, the appeal was rejected this evening, so the Sunday afternoon Serie A match will be played behind closed doors.

It is a heavy blow for the Sardinians, who had already sold numerous tickets for the game, but President Cellino has taken extraordinary action in the circumstances.

“Cagliari Calcio, represented by President Massimo Cellino and everyone who works for the club, can no longer see a future due to the bureaucratic difficulties and the collective disinterest of the authorities,” read a statement.

“We invite and ask all their fans who have a ticket or season ticket to come to the stadium and watch Cagliari-Roma in the full respect of order and civility.

“Cagliari Calcio and its engineers consider the structure to be adequate and secure.

“This move is absolutely peaceful and was pushed by the pain and frustration of defending our right to exist.”