Sunday September 23 2012
Cagliari craziness

By inviting fans to attend a game behind closed doors, Susy Campanale feels Cagliari President Massimo Cellino has finally gone too far.

Serie A is home to the occasional bouts of craziness that come from Presidents, Coaches, players and supporters, so it is very hard to surprise us anymore. Massimo Cellino is regularly a provider of daft stories, but even he has gone too far this time. The Cagliari President publicly invited season ticket holders to attend today’s game with Roma at the Is Arenas, despite the fact it had been ordered behind closed doors due to security fears. Naturally, it was called off and now the Sardinians risk an automatic defeat or points penalty.

What exactly did Cellino think was going to happen? That the crowds of ultras would just be allowed in and suddenly the authorities would change their minds? ‘No, you’re right, it DOES look really safe now there are loads of people in the stands. Silly us, we do apologise.’

If the stadium has been closed, then one can only assume there is a reason for it. Inviting fans to attend anyway was unbelievably irresponsible. Imagine if the game had gone ahead with hundreds of supporters crowded outside, unable to get in. It’s an incitement to riot. Or if the police had allowed them into the Is Arenas and the fears over public safety were realised, leading to an injury or worse.

As things stand, Cagliari are probably going to lose the game automatically and maybe even receive a points penalty for making it impossible for the fixture to go ahead. The Sardinians also managed to pull out of a match against Roma when Francesco Totti, Pablo Daniel Osvaldo and Daniele De Rossi were injured. Genius. Cellino, you’ve earned yourself the sarcastic slow handclap of shame.

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Rules are rules Cagliari's president is a fool and he and Cagliari are rightly punished 3 points and 3 nil win to Roma is a fair result if the game had gone ahead and something bad happened like fans injured or killed there would be more than 3 points lost!!
on the 24th September, 2012 at 8:12pm
Who's to say Roma would've won anyway? Did they Give the President of FIGC $25,000 and a Rolex for this decision?
J/K Roma....seriously couldn't they have played somewhere else?just plain stupid, how about metal detectors and search each fan like they do here in the good ole USA....
on the 24th September, 2012 at 2:53pm
In a serious country, a club who sells season tickets and match tickets to its fans without having a viable stadium (the home ground they declared to the League was in Trieste - for those less familiar with Italian geography, it would be like a team from Southampton declaring it's home ground in Aberdeen) should not be allowed to take part in the league in the first place. I hope the FIGC and Lega will not pass a good chance to gain some credibility and award Cellino & Cagliari the max penalty.
on the 24th September, 2012 at 9:54am
I agree about these things are daft and 'only in Italy' as said by Zeman, but on the other hand... giving point reduction or even an utomatic win to the other team will also be as ridiculous as the first mistake, moreover with Cagliari and Roma have no international commitment.

I say give Cellino a hefty fine, an obligation to return the cost of preparation spent by AS Roma as a sign of goodwill, and a reschedule to the said game, IMO only by that then we will see 'fairness' and justice.
on the 24th September, 2012 at 3:15am

LOL Cellino tried to be clever and save some money by playing his team inside a construction site. Either way fans undeservedly lose.
on the 24th September, 2012 at 1:28am
@ UzJuve which security the authorities should have assured? Is Arenas atm is a construction site, not a stadium. Check the pics around. Cellino is an irresponsible idiot. Cagliari was allowed to take part to serie a b/c they said they would have played in Trieste. he has tried to force the authorities hand and lose. Now he must suffer the consequences. As Baldini said, this story is both ridiculous and tragic. Rules are rules, shouldn't be bended at everyone whim
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 5:47pm
I think club presidents are to outspoken and ruin too many football games with their stupidity, they need to stay in there offices and stay away from the media.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 5:08pm
I totally agree with Susy here. If the stadium is closed due to security reasosn you sit down with the responsable authorities and find a solution for the future. This childish behaviour is entertaining, but also dangerous. Cellino should grow up.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 4:49pm
Astounding news.
I agree with NIC that Presidents of Serie A clubs far too often ruin the weekend for thousands of fans.
I am not an expert, but struggle to think of any other European league where club presidents are so outspoken to the point of needless making inflammatory outbursts ranging from match-fixing allegations to this incident. On one hand, it sets Serie A apart from other leagues, but ultimately only detracts from what the weekend should be about for fans- football.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 2:34pm
This is ridiculous.
What was Cagliary supposed to do to fans with season tickes. Its totaly unfait to the fans. If local authourities could NOT guarantee security then why wouldn't city or federation let Cagliari arrange for security and hire its own security guards/contractors? Its common sense- if pizza delivery refuses to deliver to your neighborhood you wouldn't cancel your diner and starve, but you'll find ANOTHER delivery guy.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 1:33pm
typical serie a controversy. every sunday it's something! there should be a universal code of ethics rules in italy for club presidents. these guys think they can say and do what ever they want. with no fear of penalty or consequence. it's shameful. wanna know who suffers the most from all this nonsense? the fans. the fans suffer the most in the end for the actions of arrogant presidents, irrational decisions. there is a group of maybe 6 serie a presidents that are completely irrational!
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 12:49pm
Thanks for ruining my Sunday afternoon.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 12:20pm
As a big Roma fan, to be honest I'm quite happy the game hasnt gone ahead. We are missing totti, de rossi and osvaldo our 3 best players, and we have an abysmal record against Cagliari in Sardinia. We should get awarded a 3-0 win. What the hell Cellino is thinking is beyond me its quite incredible. Now we can focus on mid week game with Sampdoria then massive game at weekend with Juve.
on the 23rd September, 2012 at 9:47am

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