Wednesday September 26 2012
Cosmi: 'Siena deserved Inter win'

Serse Cosmi prepares to face Bologna tomorrow and blasts those who underestimate Siena’s victory at Inter. “It was historic and fully deserved.”

The Tuscans earned a shock 2-0 win at San Siro on Sunday, their first ever success over the Nerazzurri in Serie A.

“From Monday I immediately asked the lads to focus only on the Bologna game, which will be completely different from the one in Milan,” said Cosmi in his Press conference.

“Of course, we cannot be hypocritical and pretend it was a normal victory, but in football you must always start from scratch and that is what we must do.”

However, the Coach was eager to underline just how impressive a feat that win was.

“I read that Inter crushed us, or that the result was a statistical anomaly. It seems like there are some people who don’t want to analyse the game or do not have the modesty to recognise what we achieved at San Siro.

“The whole team played well and those who were on the bench also participated with extraordinary passion.

“It was only right that Simone Vergassola scored in a historic victory, because he has given Siena so much over the years. I want to thank the fans for the affection they showed, waiting for us on our return to the city.”

Andrea Campagnolo and Mattia Contini are injured for tomorrow night’s Serie A clash with Bologna.

“They are a tough opponent to face and their greatest strength is represented by Coach Stefano Pioli. He does his job well, sends out teams who always go on the attack and is a fair man.”

Siena squad for Bologna: Farelli, Marini, Pegolo; Angelo, Del Grosso, Dellafiore, Felipe, Martinez, Neto, Paci, Rubin; D’Agostino, Mannini, Rodriguez, Sestu, Valiani, Vergassola, Verre; Bogdani, Calaiò, Paolucci, Rosina, Zè Eduardo