Saturday September 29 2012
Guidolin confirms 'Di Natale argument'

Francesco Guidolin has sensationally confirmed he’s dropping Antonio Di Natale for Udinese-Genoa after “an argument.”

Reports swirled around this morning that the Coach had a blazing row with his captain and Guidolin noted in his Press conference that it was all true.

“There was a disagreement and tomorrow he will not be taking part in the match. Behaviour is important and the rules must be respected.

“The argument has nothing to do with his position on the field, nor the tactical system. Di Natale is a centre-forward in any case.”

Guidolin does hint that this is a one-off and the situation has already been resolved, but the captain must still be punished for the outburst.

“Di Natale is a good lad. After the argument we cleared the air and our rapport remains solid, strong and positive, just as it did with Maurizio Domizzi last week.

“At the moment we are all tense and irritable, so as in every family there can be misunderstandings.

“We have to ensure these disagreements do not affect our performance against Genoa on Sunday. Domizzi is still injured and Danilo has a cold, but should recover in time. Andrea Coda has shown he is perfectly capable of playing from the start.”

Udinese squad for Genoa: Brkic, Padelli, Pawlowski; Angella, Armero, Basta, Benatia, Coda, Danilo, Gabriel Silva, Heurtaux, Pasquale; Allan, Badu, Faraoni, Lazzari, Pereyra, Pinzi, Willians; Barreto, Fabbrini, Maicosuel, Ranegie

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