Sunday September 30 2012
Cosmi slams Siena critics

Serse Cosmi again slammed Siena’s critics and aims to cause another upset against Lazio. “We must never let the tension drop.”

The Tuscans earned shock victories over Inter and Bologna, albeit while allowing their opponents numerous scoring opportunities.

“I have lost 1-0 many times while playing better than the opposition and read they were clinical. If we win 1-0, people say we’re idiots…

“We achieved two extraordinary wins, but they are not sufficient to keep us afloat,” warned Cosmi.

“We must never let the tension drop. If we get points against Lazio and Juventus, then we can truly say that we’ve wiped out the six-point penalty.

“Lazio have clear ideas and that means their Coach has imposed his concepts on the squad, but they also have players of a high level.

“It is going to be a difficult match, but we want a performance up to recent standards. The points are worth the same against any opponent, so we aim to be motivated to the max in any situation.”

Siena squad for Lazio: Farelli, Marini, Pegolo; Angelo, Del Grosso, Dellafiore, Felipe, Martinez, Neto, Paci, Rubin; Bolzoni, D'Agostino, Rodriguez, Sestu, Valiani, Vergassola, Verre; Bogdani, Calaiò, Campos Toro, Paolucci, Reginaldo, Eduardo.

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