Saturday October 6 2012
Montolivo senses scepticism

Riccardo Montolivo can tell Milan fans and media see them as the underdogs in the derby. “I sense scepticism around us.”

The Rossoneri have stuttered so far this season, but so have their city rivals Inter ahead of Sunday night’s showdown. Click here for a match preview.

“It is a balanced derby with nobody starting out as favourites or beaten,” the midfielder told Il Giorno newspaper.

“We are two teams who are a work in progress. I sense scepticism around us, but that is not a problem. I only acts as further motivation to do well and amaze people.”

Montolivo also praised the new Financial Fair Play rules that are forcing clubs around Europe to rein in their spending.

“In a time of global economic crisis, it is only right that football clubs also tighten their belts. There ought to be more respect for the money that has been wasted over the years. This is a great chance for our football and our young players.”

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