Tuesday October 9 2012
Iaquinta baffled by Bendtner move

Vincenzo Iaquinta's agent Giuseppe Iaquinta has questioned Juventus' purchase of Nicklas Bendtner over the summer.

The Danish forward joined the Bianconeri on the last day of the transfer window, and the father of the 32-year-old striker has admitted he does not understand why Antonio Conte's side would opt for the Arsenal man.

“This purchase I do not understand,” he told Tutto Juve. “Why spend money on him when you have Vincenzo in the team? Last year they took Marco Borriello – doing this has written down my son in an incredible way.

“I do not understand. What has Vincenzo done wrong? He was always respectful, always tried in training and because he suffered some injuries, has been shown the door like this.

“We have been polite, respectful, and yet Juve and the President do not say a word. When Juve were going through a bad period, Vincenzo was there for them. And then when he suffered some bad injuries, he was shut out like a rookie.

“It is not fair to treat a person like that. With all due respect to the Agnelli family, you cannot destroy a person psychologically like they have done with Vincenzo.”

He also went on to comment on the future of his son, and where he is likely to end up once his contract ends in June 2013.

“There have been no serious proposals from any clubs,” he said. “We cannot say we have rejected any sides, because there never were any. In the past, before the injuries, we rejected the likes of Zenit St. Petersburg and Tottenham, for the sake of Juventus.

“Where we are going we do not know. At the moment, he trains on his own. But we have never been hostile to Juve.”

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