Tuesday October 16 2012
Lazio President wants Serie A revamp

Lazio President Claudio Lotito has called for Serie A and Serie B to be reduced to just 18 teams each.

The Italian top-flight is presently a 20-outfit tournament, while there are 22 sides playing in the second tier of the Italian game.

“The championships need to be made up of 18 clubs,” argued Lotito. “The Lega Pro should then have a maximum of 54-60 sides.

“There should also only be one relegation from A and one promotion from B.

“The team that comes second in Serie B should then play-off against the team that comes second from bottom in Serie A.”

Lotito has called for reforms in a bid to save cash-strapped clubs money in these tough economical times. He thinks €60m could be rescued.

“The reduction of teams is necessary because there are not the necessary resources in the present system,” he argued.

“This leads to some critical economical situations that we need to avoid. With these changes, you would put an end to the economical conflicts and you would have more financial certainties.”