Thursday October 18 2012
Lazio nearing new stadium proposal

Lazio President Claudio Lotito has responded to comments from Rome's mayor that the city is ready for a new stadium.

Rumours have circulated that the Aquile and Roma may look to move away from the Stadio Olimpico, and Gianni Alemanno told reporters earlier on Thursday that, “we are ready, now it's up to the teams. They have to tell us which area they have chosen and then present us with a plan.”

The 55-year-old Biancocelesti owner reacted positively when presented with the mayor's remarks, by saying that a new ground could be ready in five years’ time.

“We are always ready,” he told a Press conference. “We have an agreement in place, but the process is very long.

“We could have the first stage of the build complete in five or six years’ time, but first the plans have to be approved by the city council.

“We want to build a multi-purpose stadium that meets people's everyday needs.”