Saturday October 20 2012
Roma deny Osvaldo-De Rossi 'wild nights'

Roma took the unusual step of releasing a statement denying Daniele De Rossi and Pablo Daniel Osvaldo had been engaged in “wild nights out.”

The rumours emerged in the Italian media that the two players, who were dropped by Zdenek Zeman for the 2-0 win over Atalanta, had been out past the curfew.

“With regard to the reports which appeared in several of today's newspapers, AS Roma denies the outlandish conjecture about the supposed unprofessional behaviour and ‘wild nights out’ of two its employees as well as the Coach's presumed ‘punishment.’ Footballers Daniele De Rossi and Daniel Pablo Osvaldo had no involvement whatsoever in the falsely reported facts.

“Therefore, in order to protect its employees, AS Roma reserves the right to take action through the appropriate channels against anyone who spreads reports that harm the image of the club and its players.”