Saturday October 20 2012
Guidolin wants 18-team Serie A

Francesco Guidolin is feeling the strain after a break for international duty and goes into Udinese-Pescara noting “I like the idea of an 18-team Serie A.”

The Coach has complained before that the fixture list is too packed now, leading to more stress, injuries and forcing squad rotation.

“I have become accustomed to working at a frantic pace for 20 days, followed by a spell with very few players at my disposal. Until there’s a new rule to stop this system, it’ll be difficult to have everyone at their best. Unfortunately, when the decisions are made by others, you have to accept and adapt.

“I like the idea of an 18-team Serie A, as there are players here who will take part in 16 games from now to Christmas. In the past 16 games was half a season. If you add internationals, then you have the equivalent of half a Serie A season squeezed into two months. Does that seem logical to you?”

Udinese have had a dismal start to the campaign and are a point behind Sunday’s opponents Pescara.

“We do not run the risk of underestimating our opponents. We know how much Pescara want to secure safety and the quality at their disposal.

“We have studied Pescara carefully. We’ll run risks with their strength, individual talents and temperament.

“Udinese are fully aware our position in the standings is terrible. On the other hand, we got our fans accustomed to the high life with two unrepeatable fourth and third place finishes. Now it is clear we are fighting to secure safety.”

Dusan Basta and Giovanni Pasquale are out of this match due to injury.