Saturday October 20 2012
Laporta sees Guardiola at Milan

Former Barcelona President Joan Laporta believes Pep Guardiola could end up at Milan. “He loves Italy and would get along with Silvio Berlusconi.”

The rumours of talks with Guardiola have been intensifying in recent weeks, as the ex-Barca Coach is living in New York while he takes a year off from football.

“Pep is someone who doesn’t look at the frills. He was at Barca to work and wanted to do so in the utmost calm,” Laporta told Tuttosport.

“I know Berlusconi and can assure he is a man of great charisma. I think they would get along.”

Guardiola has often said he’d relish a return to Serie A, where he played for Roma and Brescia.

“Pep loves Italy and the passion is mutual,” added Laporta. “Just think that when we travelled with the team, Pep would only read the Italian newspapers.

“Will he be back on a bench next season? You’d have to ask him. We spoke before he left for New York and he was very relaxed.

“Pep is a great man who is always searching for excellence.”