Saturday October 20 2012
Verona apologise for Morosini chants

Hellas Verona have publicly apologised after a small section of ultras aimed insulting chants at Piermario Morosini during today’s game with Livorno.

Morosini was a Livorno player who collapsed and died during a Serie B match in April due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

The police have already filmed the hooligans who chanted the insults and they were also spotted performing Fascist salutes.

“I can only dissociate the club from these chants and apologise,” said Hellas Verona director Giovanni Gardini. “Fortunately, I did not hear them.”

Verona also released a statement apologising and promising action “because the tragedy of Piermario Morosini’s death is a pain that cannot be tarred.”