Sunday October 21 2012
Toni: 'Guardiola, go to Bayern!'

Luca Toni reveals he was about to retire before Fiorentina called, but has also advised Pep Guardiola to take over Bayern Munich rather than Milan.

The hitman played alongside ex-Barcelona manager Guardiola when they were at Brescia and remain good friends.

“He asked me about Bayern. I think the philosophy of how that club is run pleases him,” Toni told German newspaper Bild.

“He is a very good Coach who would perfectly fit that team. He would give the German mentality some flair.

“He should definitely coach Bayern! They are one of the best teams in the world. They have money, they have the perfect stadium and have merchandising.

“In Italy some of these provisions are not as good, but they are catching up. They only club in Italy that is comparable to Bayern though is Juventus, who will be at their level in less than 10 years.”

Toni returned to Fiorentina after his spells at Bayern, Juventus, Roma and Dubai as a surprise free signing on transfer deadline day.

“After my child was stillborn this summer, I thought about retiring, but then I reconsidered. I still want to have fun and Fiorentina’s offer was fundamental. President Andrea Della Valle wanted me to represent an example for the younger players.”

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