Tuesday October 23 2012
Ambro: 'My worst Milan moment'

Massimo Ambrosini concedes “this is the toughest moment I have experienced at Milan” as they try to turn a corner in Malaga.

The Rossoneri have had their worst Serie A start since the 1940s and face their Champions League group leaders in Spain tomorrow evening.

“This is the toughest moment I have experienced at Milan, but it mustn’t frighten us too much,” said the captain in his Press conference.

“We must be concerned and be self-critical, but also have faith in our abilities and restart from there. It is only normal that at a time like this there will be a sense of worry in the locker room, but we need the strength to analyse what is happening and where we went wrong on an individual level.

“We’ve got to have faith in our teammates and the Coach. Victories help self-confidence to grow and this team really needs it.

“At this moment each of us are asked to look within ourselves and find that little bit more. We can emerge from this situation together.

“The fans have been wonderful. They always showed how much they care about the jersey and are proving it even more now that the results are not arriving. They confirmed that yesterday and we are grateful to them.”

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