Sunday October 28 2012
Donadoni slams inconsistent Parma

Roberto Donadoni is increasingly irritated at Parma’s inconsistency and against Torino demands “we must avoid these ups and downs.”

The Coach extended his contract this week and is preparing for today’s relegation dogfight. Click here for a match preview.

“We are inconsistent in terms of both performances and results. We must avoid these ups and downs,” said Donadoni.

“Last season we did well when all of us gave our best on an individual level. We’ve got to do that again this term and abandon this see-sawing of form.”

Antonio Mirante is suspended for this game, so Nicola Pavarini takes the goalkeeping gloves.

“I cannot stand players getting booked for dissent, as I just do not understand them.

“Torino are a side who work as a team unit and keep a very high tempo. We too must think as one in order to do well in this game.”