Sunday October 28 2012
Guidolin: 'I didn't believe we'd do it'

Francesco Guidolin admits even he didn’t think Udinese could comeback from 2-0 down to beat Roma 3-2.

“It is right to be satisfied with the comeback and the result. We were on the edge of the precipice after 20 minutes, while before that I had believed we could do well here even without several key players,” said the Coach.

“I know the qualities of my men and that we could be competitive, but to be frank after 20 minutes I too thought this was going to be a bad night.

“We had so many youngsters on the field, but they did very well to turn this game around and play an extraordinary second half. We only lost intensity in the final 10 minutes when we had nothing left in the tank.

“Over the half-time break we considered a few things and gained belief we could still be in this game.”

It was decided by a late Antonio Di Natale penalty, but the captain chose to chip it – the same style that saw Maicosuel’s effort saved in the Champions League preliminary round shoot-out with Braga in August.

“Obviously I didn’t know Toto’ was going to take it like that, but when I saw the ball in the net I celebrated.

“I took a long time to accept the Braga result, because I believe I’ll never reach the Champions League again. Losing that opportunity really hurt me, but an intelligent person must look forward. I will admit for a few days I didn’t even want to hear the name Maicosuel! Then I realised these things can happen and he’s doing great work for us.”