Tuesday October 30 2012
Cosmi and Siena lose Rosina

Serse Cosmi has to do without Alessandro Rosina as Siena take on Cagliari. “We’ve got to improve if we are to get a result.”

Rosina is not even in the squad for the Wednesday night Serie A match at the Is Arenas.

“He has not recovered because the pain does not allow him to play at his best,” said Coach Cosmi.

“On Saturday we took a calculated risk using him against Palermo, but now he needs to find his fitness.”

Cagliari have been reborn since Ivo Pulga and Diego Lopez took over from Massimo Ficcadenti, earning three consecutive victories.

“We are facing a side in great shape and you can see the players are continually helping each other out. We’ve got to improve if we are to get a result.”

Siena squad for Cagliari: Farelli, Marini, Pegolo, Angelo, Contini, Del Grosso, Felipe, Neto, Paci, Rubin, Bolzoni, Campos Toro, Coppola, D'Agostino, Mannini, Sestu, Valiani, Verre, Vergassola, Bogdani, Calaiò, Reginaldo, Eduardo