Wednesday November 7 2012
Borini blasts Roma director

Fabio Borini “did not like” Roma director Walter Sabatini’s version of how he left the club to join Liverpool.

The striker had only just been bought outright following a co-ownership agreement with Parma when the Giallorossi sold him to the Anfield club for £10.5m plus bonuses.

“I will never forget the warmth of the people, the passion for the jersey and for Roma. It is difficult to find such immense passion from the fans, but I put it in my suitcase for the rest of my career, because it does give you strength,” the 21-year-old told Radio Manà Manà Sport.

The Rome Derby is on Sunday afternoon and Borini scored in this fixture last season, even though his team eventually lost.

“It was my first derby and certainly the one in Rome is more keenly felt than any other. To prepare for a derby in Rome it is wise not to talk much and to listen even less, as the constant discussion can affect you.

“I have so much respect for Francesco Totti. Considering what he represents at Roma, he is the captain of captains.”

The Italian international then hit out at Giallorossi director Sabatini, who over the summer said Borini would not accept another co-ownership situation.

“I didn’t force anyone into anything. I simply had to make my decisions. I didn’t like what the director of sport said and I did not share his version of events.

“I have always had a perfectly relaxed rapport with the squad, despite what was written. My teammates knew that I didn’t always go to the dinners because I had family commitments. Some things written last year perhaps came from envy or trying to constantly find the fly in the ointment, so they had to make them up.”