Friday November 9 2012
Marchisio offers Pogba advice

Claudio Marchisio has told Juventus teammate Paul Pogba to forget about comparisons with Patrick Vieira.

“It is a good sign when you are likened to such players,” the Italian told Tuttosport on Friday. “It means that you are doing well, but the important thing is to not get big-headed.

“But he won’t be running that risk as he has his head firmly fixed to his shoulders.

“Pogba has a physical resemblance to Vieira, he may actually be better technically, but he has yet to have the career of Vieira!”

The 19-year-old Frenchman has made an impression in recent weeks and could be handed a start at Pescara on Saturday.

“He always wants to play,” Marchisio added. “I always tell him to remain calm because he will get his opportunities.”

Juventus netted the player on a Bosman from Manchester United and he was one of the factors why they allowed Paris Saint-Germain to sign Marco Verratti from Pescara.

“They are totally different players,” Marchisio added. “Paul can play in any midfield role, while Verratti is more of a playmaker.

“It’s a shame to see him in Paris, but I’m certain that will be his fortune.”