Saturday November 10 2012
Cellino serenades open Is Arenas

Cagliari President Massimo Cellino made an unusual pledge to celebrate the Is Arenas opening to fans today. “I’ll play Ave Maria on the guitar.”

The stadium was hastily erected over the summer following a dispute over the Stadio Sant’Elia with the local council, but had until now been either closed or had only certain sections open to fans over security fears.

On Friday evening the all-clear was finally given for the Is Arenas to be open in every area, just in time for today’s 17.00 GMT kick-off against Cagliari.

“I am so tired, as I haven’t slept for three days due to this reconstruction work that has been going on,” President Cellino told the ANSA news agency.

“I wanted to play Ave Maria on the guitar in the middle of the pitch to mark the inauguration of the stadium, but I promise that I will do it for the next game.

“I’ll play Ave Maria on the guitar with a violin.”

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