Saturday November 10 2012
'Ref will pay' for Juve-Inter errors

“Paolo Tagliavento will pay for his mistakes” in Juventus-Inter, confirmed the chief of the Referees’ Association.

The official came under fire last week when he and his assistants did not spot a clear offside in Juve’s goal, then failed to award Stefan Lichtsteiner a second yellow card.

“There is nothing behind our errors. Mistakes can happen, but then we must turn over a new leaf,” said AIA President Marcello Nicchi.

“Tagliavento will pay for his mistakes, but he will be back on the field after that. I defend him and so does the Referees’ Association.

“No referees were involved in the disgusting betting investigation and that is something to be proud of.

“This has returned to being a dignified association. I also feel like a referee, even when faced with the occasional technical error that we end up making.

“The important thing is that there is nothing behind our mistakes. A referee and our association are like kites – the more the wind blows against us, the higher we soar.”

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