Saturday November 10 2012
Guidolin: 'Corini my greatest captain'

Francesco Guidolin admits it’s a blast from the past to be facing Chievo Coach Eugenio Corini. “He was my greatest captain.”

The Udinese boss had several spells in charge of Palermo with Corini in his squad, but now the retired player has become a tactician.

“Eugenio was my greatest captain, an excellent player, a leader and a sensible, intelligent person,” said Guidolin.

“You could tell at the time he had the qualities to be a leader. He already held that role at Palermo, even if we also had other great players.

“Eugenio is now trying, as far as I can see with good success, to put his own ideas about football into action.

“I had advised him to quit a year earlier and join my staff, but he wanted to continue playing. I wish him all the best in this difficult line of work.”

The Friulani need a boost after their surprise 3-1 Europa League defeat to Young Boys on Thursday.

“I want Udinese to be vivacious, generous and aggressive. We are facing a strong and highly organised team.”

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