Saturday November 10 2012
Samp re-routed to Palermo

Sampdoria face a gruelling journey to reach Palermo for Sunday’s lunchtime kick-off after their flight was cancelled.

The city of Genoa is currently under flood warnings and several areas including schools, universities and museums are under lockdown as the storm – a knock-on effect from Hurricane Sandy – sweeps in overnight.

Samp had been due to fly out for tomorrow’s 11.30am GMT kick-off in Palermo, but the flight was cancelled due to the weather.

The possibility of delaying or even cancelling the game had been suggested, but it seems the team will instead travel by coach to Pisa and try to take a flight from there instead.

Meanwhile, Napoli have arrived safely with their flight to Genoa, as they are due to play at Marassi on Sunday afternoon.

It remains to be seen whether or not that match will go ahead, as many expect the pitch to be flooded.