Wednesday November 21 2012
Catania-Palermo 'verbal violence' erupts

The Sicilian derby is already heating up after Catania exchanged vicious insults with Palermo director Pietro Lo Monaco on “vulgarity, verbal violence and pathetic, demented statements.”

Saturday’s showdown is particularly tense for Lo Monaco, who was the director of sport at Catania for eight years before switching to the Rosanero.

“I left behind a great deal in Catania, as they haven’t changed the squad nor the structure I put in place there,” said Lo Monaco in a Press conference.

“It’s not as if we’re welcoming Barcelona this weekend, so it is a game we will aim to win.

“I will not salute President Antonino Pulvirenti. I consider him important, like many others at Catania, but I don’t want to pour fuel on the fire. I will never reveal the real reason I left.”

Catania responded with an official statement on their club website aimed at Lo Monaco.

“Calcio Catania do not intend to reply to comments that speak for themselves and would like to point out that verbal violence, vulgarity and insults are no longer part of our club. We have a style based on the rules, fair behaviour and recognising the value of our opponents.”

Lo Monaco did not hesitate to give further statements in response to Catania’s message.

“I didn’t offend anyone, let alone could my comments be considered verbal violence or vulgarity. Evidently someone didn’t understand what I meant.

“However, I consider Catania’s statement to be pathetic, pointless and absolutely demented. When they talk about their ‘new style’ they evidently forget what happened after the Catania-Juventus match, when President Pulvirenti used swear words in a Press conference for all of Italy to hear.”

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