Thursday November 22 2012
Arrests in Spurs attack are Roma ultras

The attack on Tottenham fans in Rome has taken on a new light, as so far the two hooligans arrested have been identified as Roma ultras rather than Lazio.

A bar in Campo dei Fiori called the Drunken Ship was targeted by a group of around 50 masked thugs wearing full motorcycle helmets to hide their identity, armed with knuckle-dusters, knives and iron bars.

At first it was believed these were Lazio ultras targeting the fans ahead of today’s Europa League match, but details are emerging of a different reason.

The two figures arrested so far with the accusation of attempted murder have been identified as 26-year-old Francesco Ianari and 27-year-old Mauro Pinnelli, both of them Roma ultras.

More reports suggest the gang was cobbled together from various Far Right groups in the city and they attacked the Tottenham fans because of their long association with the Jewish community in London. This is supported by eye-witnesses referring to anti-Semitic insults.

Although it is believed some Lazio ultras may well have been involved, it appears to have been an attack that had no real connection to the game.

So far six others have been held in custody and another 14 are under investigation.

There were seven English fans injured in the attack, one seriously although he is now out of danger.

Lazio ultras also rushed to reassure this was not a planned attack by the official fan groups of the Curva Nord.

However, the club does potentially face another fine after anti-Semitic chants were heard during the 0-0 draw at the Stadio Olimpico. Lazio had already been punished by UEFA for racist chanting at White Hart Lane.

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