Sunday November 25 2012
Cosmi on Siena's 'worst mistake possible'

Serse Cosmi feels Siena are on a roll, but “it would be the biggest mistake possible” to think they can relax against Chievo today.

Last week’s win over Pescara took them off the foot of the table for the first time this season, even with a six-point penalty due to the betting scandal.

“I do not expect to relax after picking up seven points from three games. It would be the biggest mistake possible,” warned the Coach.

“We want to show that we are aware of what we’ve achieved and above all what we must still do throughout the season.

“So far it has been positive, but nothing has changed. Woe betide anyone who thinks our destiny won’t be fighting to the bitter end.

“Every positive result has to act as a further push forward and motivation to do even better. We are aware that every Sunday we face a team entirely capable of beating us, so we have to work to earn each point.”

Chievo are accustomed to being mid-table, but are currently only one point above Siena in the standings.

“We are facing a team that is anything but easy, as they have a solid core group of players who have been there for years.

“We’re still missing some important players, like Massimo Paci and Ze Eduardo, while Erjon Bogdani is also out with flu.”