Monday November 26 2012
Milan live life to the Max

An inexistent penalty gave Milan a win against Juventus, but the Old Lady did little to save the game. Giancarlo Rinaldi wraps ups the weekend action.

Maybe it was the presence of Marco Van Basten in the stands to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his four-goal haul against Gothenburg. Perhaps it was the pre-match visit to the dressing room by Silvio Berlusconi. Whatever the secret ingredient, it was just enough to give Milan their most significant League win of the season when Juventus came to town.

It was the second Rossonero miracle in a matter of days. Having qualified for the knock-out stages of the Champions League midweek, they followed it up by beating the top team in Serie A. Not bad for a side dubbed by many as the worst Milan in living memory and a manager more under fire than an MP quitting the constituency for a spell in the celebrity jungle.

The first half of the key encounter in the San Siro produced, depending on your viewpoint, one of the best Milanese displays of the season or one of Juve’s worst. It was capped by a contentious penalty and endless replays struggled to establish whether the ball had brushed Mauricio Isla’s arm. Robinho duly converted and while the spot-kick could be debated, Milan’s lead was entirely deserved.

“From the bench it seemed like a penalty but, seeing the replays, it doesn’t look like one,” admitted Max Allegri after the match. “The team worked well together and we did not concede much to Juve. We have lost games this season giving the opposition just one chance on goal. We are getting better match by match.”

Juve responded well enough to what was presumably Angelo Alessio channeling his inner Antonio Conte-style rage at half-time and did their best to fight back. However, they looked the more jaded side after their Herculean midweek European efforts. You wait 49 games to see them suffer a League defeat and then two come along in the space of a month.

“When we don’t play as a team, we can lose a game like we did tonight,” said the stand-in Bianconero boss. “Sometimes decisions go in your favour and other times they go against you. I can imagine what might have happened if we had got a decision like that.”

There seemed to be a dash less bitterness in the post-match comments than on previous occasions, perhaps because of the large gap between the sides. Gigi Buffon hit the nail on the head when he said that it was important to get the message across to fans from time to time that their team had not played well and might have deserved to lose – regardless of individual refereeing decisions. As he rightly pointed out, Juve had about an hour to get back into the game but could not carve out many clear chances to turn the game around.

The result left the door open to other challengers to close the gap at the top of the table with Fiorentina doing half the job earlier in the day. The Viola suffered a serious test of their resilience as, without Stevan Jovetic (injured) and David Pizarro (suspended), they twice came from behind to get a point away to Torino. With Luca Toni and Alberto Aquilani also having to leave the pitch with knocks during the match, it was a gutsy display. Almost inevitably, their controversial old boy Alessio Cerci was among the Granata scorers in a gripping 2-2 draw.

“It was a good game between two teams who wanted to win and might have deserved to do so,” said Fiorentina Coach Vincenzo Montella. “We showed maturity, quality and personality. But to keep ourselves in third place will be difficult.”

Elsewhere, Roma continued their rise with a win over Pescara and another clean sheet. There were also morale-boosting victories for Genoa, Sampdoria and Palermo. They allowed their followers to breath a little more easily than they have been doing of late.

But with Napoli, Lazio and Inter still to play, there are plenty of question marks over how the week will play out. The Nerazzurri could close the gap at the top of the table to a single point. A victory could catapult the Partenopei into serious Scudetto contention. Or the Biancocelesti might get themselves back into the hunt for a top three slot.

One of the only things certain was that there were big smiles around the San Siro on Sunday night. Adriano Galliani was full of jokes, Allegri looked a little more relaxed and the fans hoped they might have reached La Svolta – the turning point – in their season. Only time will tell if that is actually the case but, in the meantime, the Rossoneri can at least savour their best week of the campaign by quite some distance.

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You gonna have to do better then the game against Nordsjaelland I can tell you that much.. Bayern would destroy you. So would Man u..
on the 29th November, 2012 at 3:05am
As I said before Juventus played was the better side against the big clubs(not as much against the milaneses) , only the result didn't come our way.
As for the Champions League we're as good as qualified and for Juventus to go all the way all we need to do is avoid Barca, we'd need a great team performance against them, as for the rest of the teams I don't fear any of them, maybe we r on par with B. Mynich. I'd love to get Man U next round and thrash them.

on the 28th November, 2012 at 6:57pm
Laugh Out Loud at the comments...

Only Barca can break teams who park the bus # Milan would have won the Scudetto if Muntari's goal was allowed # LoL what's next ??? Guardiola the next Milan Coach & Torres will join him...

Juve had 1 or make it 2 bad games so far this season where as Milan had 1, well I can only think of 1 good game so far, will it change anything ? NO !!!

As for the comments regarding UCL qualification, look at the "quality" of Juve's opponents compared to Milan's easy group
on the 28th November, 2012 at 5:03pm
L'albanese.... I still think Juve will win the title, I was just making a point that unlike last season they havent been as good against the better sides but..maybe as you have said maybe it cuz of the champions league, but your dreaming if you think Juve will win that lol you would ned massive luck and no Bonucci
on the 28th November, 2012 at 9:31am
I believe there is nothing to debate here.Juventus exerted zero effort and lost to a team that is clearly suffering.Had the penalty not been awarded the game would have ended in a draw.The point is the game is over,juve are still first and milan are 9th now? one of the most awful games i have seen in such a long time
on the 28th November, 2012 at 8:26am
No math lessons are needed to understand the 1 disallowed goal and 4 points gap at the end of the last season. But that is just math. Psychology is a whole different animal. I hoped it would end up being a minor nuisance, but with Galliani's remarks after the game, I think it haunted the whole team's performance all the way to the finish line. Not an excuse, just an opinion ...
Juve won the scudetto (hats down, great achievement) but Milan won on Sunday.
And these are facts, not opinion :)
on the 28th November, 2012 at 2:16am
@l 'abanese

Lolol, go all the way in champions league?? You need to qualify first son. Something Ac Milan already did.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 11:58pm
@adam, food for thought?!! Juve demolished Roma, outplayed Napoli, dominated Lazio, underestimated Inter, didn't even need to turn up against worthless Milan, direct rivals?!!
Juventus is there to dominate Serie A and with a bit of luck go all the way in Champions League.

on the 27th November, 2012 at 9:06pm
Food for thought tho, Juve have lost against Inter and Milan and drew with Lazio and Fiorentina, all direct title rivals are they the best?
on the 27th November, 2012 at 5:08pm
the weight of the disallowed goal was far greater than the ghost pk. if milan were up 2 goals, the structure of the game would have changed. there wouldn't have been a matri disallowed goal. that complaint always gets me.

considering milan aren't even close to juve in the standings this year...this ghost pk has no weight behind it. no controversy worth noting months down the road. no real value in debating it.

juve fans, face the loss and go tie the rest of your games like last yr.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 5:04pm

lololol, your so bitter!!! SES was by far better then your crap strikers.. the kid was everywhere.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 4:06pm
@ Marc F

I'm sorry, have we met before ?
on the 27th November, 2012 at 2:59pm

Just out of curiosity. Where do you get all these weird statements from? How come pretty much every time you post something its completely irrelevant to the topic and has absolutely no value to what I/others post. Is it your defense mechanism, that instead of be silent you immediately have to recounter post something. Mustafa, here's some words of wisdom,

- Silence is gold -

Last game was MIlan and even the Juve fan agrees on that.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 2:00pm
@ Marc F

"SES played well. His speed always causes defenders to worry."

Oh, I'm sorry, let's see how well he played according to your logic.

How many times did touch the ball? 2 - 3 ?
on the 27th November, 2012 at 11:47am
@ Viktor

Milan had 100% possession & Juve 0%. Isla should not have come anywhere near the pitch, Buffon shouldn't have blinked, and Alessio should not have had his lunch.

That's your typical logic.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 11:42am
On a seperate note, Inter were once again poor last night. Whilst they have been effective and have achieved good results, (until recently), their general play has not been that good. Their ball retention is average, and their defence is not convincing. I don't care what people say, Rannochia is not a great defender, and neither is Juan Jesus; at least not yet. Inter seem to secure their positive results because of individual rather than collective quality.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 11:02am
Mustafa, "you don't get clear cut chances in these types of matches"?! I strongly disagree, you cannot generalize like that. Every match is a unique occassion, with many variables in play. Milan were the better team the other night, you should to your goalkeeper. Buffon has the rare ability to say things as they are. His comment about being self critical was so refreshing, in an age of cliched & blinkered view points. I agree with you about Alessio though.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 10:53am
Mustapha can eat his words now isn't it? I told you your loud mouth will be shut and now you have it.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 7:27am
@rossoneri I couldn't help but laugh when i read your comments,so thankyou for the entertainment. Yes Juve did go through a rough patch after they came up from Serie B, but they managed to bounce back because they belong on top&let's not forgot that neither Milan nor Inter had clean hands from the incidents. As for "This milan is the worst side any body have seen since decades&yet what happens?" Awful game,especially by Juve!!Congrats on your win.As for juve,too bad,but class is class :)
on the 27th November, 2012 at 3:46am
People are still claiming the Muntari goal cost Milan the title last year lol. Juve won by a margin of 4 points. Also, keep in mind how many penalties Milan were awarded last year compared to Juve. Milan had a lot of decisions go their way last season. But just like the non existent Isla hand ball, you only hear about refs when decisions happen to favour Juve. Pays off when your team owner also controls all the media in the country.
on the 27th November, 2012 at 12:22am
Milan can forget the Serie a (not bothered about it anyway), lets go all the way in the CL.

Constant my stand out player - looks like hes got all the qualities to become an outstanding player. I really liked the way he bought the ball out of the defense and was not afraid to run at people.

Juve have nothing to worry about, the way they ripped apart Chelsea proves that... plus, they have Pirlo.
on the 26th November, 2012 at 11:08pm
I hope Galliani now has a photo of the ball hitting Isla's ribs on his phone. Congrats to Milan on the 3 points thanks to a non existant pen, there in 8th pace now which is a improvement on the beggining of the season. Milan didn't play a great game they got a lucky pen and then stuck 8 guys behind the ball. Juve played badly and looked tired and the fake pen decided the game. Anyways now Juve need justice for Matri's disallowed goal from last season so see what happens in Turin in the return.
on the 26th November, 2012 at 8:52pm
Lol at the guy who claims Milan lost the Scudetto in Week 25 because of 1 goal. Also Milan fans seem to forget that Matri also had a goal wrongly disallowed plus even if Milan would have won that game there was stil 13 games left! Unless Milan fans think the season ends after 25 games? Disgraceful decision anyway lets be honest if it had gone Juve's way there would be a parliament meeting in Italy, seriously I'm not joking. Enjoy your fake pen & 3 points and see you guys in Turin!!!
on the 26th November, 2012 at 8:47pm
Shaarawy was good, not his greatest game but good. Constant was great and this game he was utterly better then Antonini ever was, but I'm talking this game. Otherwise maybe slightly better.
I belive Montolivo or De Sciglio was Man of the match
on the 26th November, 2012 at 8:44pm

Love your comment about juve came back from Serie B.

Milan and Inter (even worst) found guilty too, and yet Juve only paid the price. Oh yeah Milan went to Serie B before because they DESERVED it.

I bet Muntari's disallowed goal also sending Barrack Obama for the President in a row hahaha.

Juve played bad we notice, you're all happy for winning it by non-handsball penalty? GREAT, no wonder where you at now.

And all the Media hahaha so quiet about this controversy typical hater!
on the 26th November, 2012 at 8:38pm
@ Duck, SES played well. His speed always causes defenders to worry. Constant played very well. Saved the win for Milan. He was a rock out there. My only criticism is that his passes lack some quality but IMO he's much better than Antonini.
on the 26th November, 2012 at 6:04pm
Milan had a good game and worked hard for the full 90min. This was probably the best Milan performsnce this season. However Juve were pretty shocking in some ways. As a Milan fan, I didn't expect Juve to be soo poor in possession. On the other hand, Milan were pressing well at time and sat dropped off at the right times. Overall I think Milan deserved the victory because although Juve had possession, they didn't look threatening. I think Milan Should have finished off chances on the counter.
on the 26th November, 2012 at 6:01pm
and we can finally admit it...the refs got one wrong in OUR FAVOR this time around! lol
to be fair the complaints from the Juve camp have been very minimal unlike Moratti who constantly embarasses himself when he opens his mouth.
on the 26th November, 2012 at 5:57pm
Constant was MOM in my opinion and that of the Italian commentator on RAI. El Shaarawy was pretty good but left isolated at times on the left wing. We played a counter attack system only going forward with 3 at times. We should have scored more but missed too many chances. Although we played very well we were lucky it was not 1-1 as Giovinco and Vucinic should have equalised. Very poor subs by Allegri almost cost us. He replaced Robinho with Pazzini but should have included Bojan for his pace
on the 26th November, 2012 at 5:56pm
Milan fans keep surprising me, how low can you actually go? Last season one controversial decision against them and 8months later still crying, while Juve had a perfect goal discounted too. Now they win with an undeserved penalty and park the bus for the rest of the match? Is this the big Milan I always respected? Even your president approves of a win like this? Well, enjoy it Milan, but stop talking about class. Juve is far above your standard, at least we admit we were too bad yesterday :)
on the 26th November, 2012 at 5:20pm

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