Saturday December 1 2012
Ancelotti boosts Pastore-Sneijder talk

Carlo Ancelotti is “disappointed” with Javier Pastore at PSG and Maurizio Zamparini confirms Inter would like him as a replacement for Wesley Sneijder.

There were reports over the last few days that Sneijder could exchange places with former Palermo creative midfielder Pastore at Paris Saint-Germain during the transfer window.

PSG Coach Ancelotti poured fuel on that particular fire by declaring “Pastore has disappointed me with his performances, but I expect he is disappointed with the way he’s playing too.”

This is not the first time that Argentine Pastore has been linked with Inter, as confirmed by Palermo President Zamparini.

“Massimo Moratti had already shown interest in Pastore before I sold him to Paris Saint-Germain, while Marco Branca had discussed it with my director of sport.

“However, then Leonardo’s offer came in from PSG and nobody could compete with that amount of money.

“PSG are not stupid, so I doubt they will let him go easily. Why is he struggling in Paris? It’s not easy playing with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.”