Saturday December 1 2012
Petkovic juggles Lazio problems

Vladimir Petkovic sent a stern message to Mauro Zarate and has a goalkeeping problem as Lazio host Parma.

“It is a difficult game, as Parma have proved they are in great shape and beat Inter on Monday,” said the Coach in his Press conference.

“Lazio know how to suffer under pressure in certain moments, such as against Juventus, but we have seen that it all depends on us. If we defend further up the pitch, then we can keep the danger away.”

Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti has been decisive in recent rounds, but is a major risk for tomorrow’s game.

“There has been no progress from yesterday, so he still has this muscular problem and is very much in doubt. I have to evaluate if it’s worth risking him or not.

“The whole team had a slight dip in fitness levels, but we have never lost two in a row and are rediscovering our sharpness.

“Finally I can see the joy and the desire to compete have returned. It means we are physically and psychologically on the right track.”

Zarate hit the headlines again, as he sent an ominous message on Twitter. A fan asked why he wasn’t back to being a great player and Zarate replied: “Someone is preventing me from getting there.”

Petkovic, who is not on any social networks, was told about the incident. “Zarate needs to take care of himself so he can get back into competition with the others. He must be professional, arriving for training and the game with a smile on his face.

“Zarate has to care about everyone here, so they will care about him.”