Tuesday December 4 2012
Buffon: 'Juve competitive in Europe'

Captain Gigi Buffon believes Juventus “have returned to being competitive on a European level,” although tomorrow’s game with Shakhtar has hidden dangers.

The Bianconeri need a point in Donetsk to be sure of qualification for the Champions League knock-outs, sending reigning holders Chelsea out of the tournament.

“The biggest danger behind a game like this is that the third result emerges, the one that wouldn’t make us very happy,” said the goalkeeper in a Press conference.

“More than anything else, we know the quality of our opponents and we respect them a great deal. It’s true they have already qualified, but it’s also true that in these situations a team has nothing to lose and feels no pressure.”

It would be a coup for Juventus to knock Chelsea out in their first year back in the Champions League.

“Over the last four or five months, in which we’ve faced both Serie A and Champions League fixtures, I think we can safely say that the Juventus growth process has been consolidated.

“Regardless of how things go tomorrow, I think taking on a tough group and winning the games we did shows that this team has everything it needs to provoke fear in our opponents.

“Aside from the result, which obviously is fundamental for us, Juve are giving off the impression they have returned to being competitive on a European level.

“Can Juventus win the Champions League? My view is that dreaming costs nothing, but it’s also true we have to be realistic. There are undoubtedly three or four stronger teams out there for various reasons, but as I said three months ago before our first game at Stamford Bridge, we can give anyone a game.”