Wednesday December 5 2012
Giraudo appeal in Calciopoli trial

The Calciopoli civil trial is still dragging on and today ex-Juventus general manager Antonio Giraudo had his sentence reduced to 20 months.

The Court of Appeal in the Naples tribunal gave its verdict this evening, cutting Giraudo’s sentence from three years to just a year and eight months suspended.

Giraudo had been convicted of sporting fraud and working with others to commit an offence.

However, former referees Paolo Dondarini, Tiziano Pieri and Tullio Lanese were all cleared.

“We are disappointed and at the same time surprised, as we didn’t expect this epilogue,” said Giraudo’s lawyer.

“We await the motivation for this sentence, which we will certainly appeal against. We want to reiterate our client’s complete innocence.”

Giraudo was a member of the so-called ‘Triade’ of directors at Juventus along with Luciano Moggi and Roberto Bettega.

Moggi also responded to the latest verdict. "If the referees were all cleared of any wrongdoing, then it means nothing actually happened. It's not much of a conspiracy if it only involved me and Giraudo, is it?"