Saturday December 8 2012
Napoli docked points in scandal?

There are reports Napoli could be docked up to two points, as they await the result of a new investigation into the betting scandal.

Third choice goalkeeper Matteo Gianello claims there was an attempt to fix the game with Sampdoria on May 16 2010, although it did not actually go through.

He maintains he asked teammates Paolo Cannavaro and Gianluca Grava to participate, but they turned him down point-blank.

However, Cannavaro and Grava insist they were never even consulted, so could not be accused of failing to tell the authorities about a proposed fix. They have both started legal action against Gianello for his claims.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, Napoli could face an automatic two-point penalty as they are ‘objectively responsible’ for the behaviour of Gianello.

It is believed Gianello will offer a plea bargain, therefore accepting his guilt in the match-fixing scandal for only attempting to rig a game.

This new betting trial begins on Monday and Napoli face two choices. If they offer a plea bargain, the penalty will likely be cut to one point. If they don’t, then it’ll be two and start a lengthy legal battle in the tribunals to have that punishment reduced or even turned into a fine.

The TNAS tribunal has repeatedly reduced the bans of figures in the first phase of the trial, while others were cleared entirely on appeal.

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