Thursday December 13 2012
Stadium law abandoned

Federation President Giancarlo Abete warns the long-awaited law to help clubs build their own stadiums “will, save for miracles, remain just a proposal.”

The only club in Serie A with its own stadium is Juventus, as the others rent arenas from the local council on match day.

A law was put forward to aid the clubs who want to follow in Juve’s footsteps, but it became mired in red tape and has not even gone to a vote.

“Save for miracles, it will remain just a proposal,” confessed FIGC President Abete.

“It is a typical Italian story. New structures are needed, but if the law doesn’t go through then we have to forget about it.”

Among the clubs who have drawn up plans for their own stadium are Roma, Lazio, Inter, Palermo, Siena and Napoli.