Tuesday December 18 2012
Atalanta fine Schelotto for row

Atalanta have warned they will fine Ezequiel Schelotto after he was involved in a late-night altercation with his ex-girlfriend in the street.

The Italian international winger was spotted arguing with his ex outside a bar in Milan on Sunday night and police became involved to separate them.

“We will apply our rules, as our player cannot stay out late at night the day before a training session,” explained director general Pierpaolo Marino.

It is reported that she told police Schelotto slapped her during the argument, but did not then press charges.

“We care for Schelotto and he is a fragile, kind lad, so I doubt he hit anyone. At the moment we accept his version, which is that they had a big argument, but those are problems that have nothing to do with us.

“We just work on the fact he came home too late for the training session the next day. It was already Monday by the time we got wind of this, so we sent him home to speak to his family.”

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