Saturday December 22 2012
Osvaldo: 'I'm a bit of a lunatic'

Roma striker Daniel Pablo Osvaldo candidly acknowledged his faults ahead of tonight’s big game with Milan. “I’m a bit of a lunatic.”

The Italian international of Argentine origin sat down with La Repubblica newspaper and was surprisingly introspective.

“I always want to change and think happiness must be elsewhere. This is the first time I’ve had two consecutive seasons in one club,” he said.

“There are days when I feel sad and would like to be a different person, to lose myself in the world. I miss Argentina and my childhood. I’d like to be an adolescent again.

“I am a bit of a lunatic. One day I feel strong, the other useless. I fight, I score, I react, but I do everything to excess. I was forced to grow up, but there’s a part of me that rejects the idea of growing up. I make pointless fouls, but at that moment they seem right.”

Osvaldo has received nine red cards in six seasons and will sit out a three-match Coppa Italia ban for elbowing an Atalanta opponent.

“It’s true, I have a horrible personality. But I kind of like being like this. I always miss something in life, especially my home in Argentina.

“I play for Italy because I have an Italian great-grandfather from Filottrano, in the Marche region, but my interrupted childhood was in Argentina. That is my home, it’s where my friends are.

“Having said that, I’m happy to wear the Azzurri jersey. To those who say only those born in Italy should play for the country, I ask what’s the point? It’s pure racism. Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo and speaks with a Brescia accent. Mauro Camoranesi helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup. It’s wrong to offend someone just because they weren’t born where you wanted them to be.”