Sunday December 23 2012
Guidolin hints at Zola 'surprise'

Francesco Guidolin has warned he has “a surprise for 2013, but this is not the time to reveal it.” Will he become Udinese director with Gianfranco Zola as Coach?

The tactician has hinted several times over the last six months that he needs a break and is suffering from the stress of the job.

Despite taking up yoga to calm him down, Guidolin is still anxious and it’s reported he could move to a directorial role at Udinese next season.

“I have a surprise for 2013, but now is not the time to reveal it,” he told Sky Sport Italia after a 1-1 draw with Atalanta.

The rumour is that Zola will take over as Coach, because the former Chelsea star is already working for the Pozzo family. They own both Udinese and Watford.

“If we don’t get big-headed, then I can say it’ll be a good Christmas, because we are on the right side of the table,” continued Guidolin.

“We have a certain way of working and running the club, which means we cannot always think about having extraordinary campaigns. We renew and begin again.”