Sunday December 23 2012
Toro keep hold of Bianchi

Torino President Urbano Cairo has put the brakes on Rolando Bianchi’s departure. “We have a special rapport and I don’t want to sell him.”

The striker is a fan favourite and banners are consistently unfurled in the stands urging him to stay.

“With Bianchi we need to reason things out together, set up a meeting and discuss the contract,” President Cairo told Sky Sport Italia.

“We have a special rapport and I signed him for an impressive sum, then kept him on in Serie B again at a high cost.

“We should see what is to be done in a reasonably short space of time. I don’t want to sell him.”

Toro beat Chievo 2-0 on Saturday and extended the gap to four points from the relegation zone.

“I was surprised by Alessio Cerci’s performance, but also by Bianchi. If we do go on the market in January, it’ll be to make precise targeted signings and not just buy for the sake of it.”

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