Monday December 31 2012
Cellino writes to Cagliari fans

Cagliari President Massimo Cellino wrote an open letter to season ticket holders covering “a particularly difficult 2012” with the stadium saga.

The club left the Stadio Sant’Elia in April after a row with the local council, playing the remaining home games of the 2011-12 campaign in Trieste.

They constructed the Is Arena over the summer, but that has repeatedly failed security checks, so many games were played behind closed doors or moved elsewhere.

“Dear season ticket holders, a particularly difficult 2012 comes to a close. You, like many other fans, have suffered the most and were forced to miss important games, losing the chance to support your team.

“I feel mortified for the humiliation that you (and I could say we) have suffered. Even if the responsibility cannot be attributed to Cagliari (who fulfilled all the requirements with the institutions), I feel the duty to apologise to you for the inconvenience, especially for the long-awaited game with Juventus.

“I am trying to find the way to repay you and promise at the end of the season I will manage to recompense you for all the unfair sacrifices you have had to make.

“You are the strength of Cagliari, because in dark moments a football team cannot help but cling to its fans, their passion and their love.

“I am certain you’ll want to renew your understanding of the situation, which we very much appreciate. I have not forgotten you.

“The season ticket holders are the engine behind Cagliari Calcio and soon you’ll feel even more at the centre of our team’s life. Now and forever, Forza Cagliari. Massimo Cellino.”

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