Friday January 4 2013
'Rossi return is good for Serie A'

Atalanta sporting director Gabriele Zamagna believes that Giuseppe Rossi's return to Italian football is good for Serie A.

The Villarreal man is reportedly on the verge of a move to Fiorentina, and the 49-year-old, who was at Parma during Rossi's spell there, has claimed that his decision to come back to the peninsula can only be a positive.

“I'm pleased that Giuseppe Rossi has decided to return to Italy,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “Seeing him play in a strong and ambitious team is an asset for all of Italian football.

“He left Italy in 2004 to go to Manchester United and then came back [in 2007], and was the protagonist in a miraculous escape [from relegation].

“There is a special relationship between us because of that. He helped us a lot at Parma and I hope his career takes off again after injuries.”