Thursday January 10 2013
Lotito will not overpay for Lampard

Lazio President Claudio Lotito will not jeopardise the balance of the squad by signing Frank Lampard.

Reports have linked the capital club with the Chelsea midfielder come the summer, but the Biancocelesti owner has claimed that although the 34-year-old is an attraction proposition, he will not create an atmosphere in the dressing room by overpaying one player.

“There are many names we are looking at,” he told reporters. “But we are aware that we have players in that position that are already competitive.

“However, should we go for a new midfielder, he would have to fit in with the economic structure we have at the club.

“The dressing room has its own balance, and we have no intention of altering that.”

The 55-year-old then commented on Andrea Abodi – one of the candidates to become the new Serie A chief.

“I have known Abodi for 20 years, but I do not think he is suitable as President. He does not have the stature required for this role.”