Saturday January 12 2013
Lega Serie A row after vote fails

Candidate Andrea Abodi has blasted the Serie A clubs for lacking “dignity” after another vote for the new Lega President came to nothing.

Abodi had been the most popular option, as he is already the President of the Lega Serie B, but he failed to reach the necessary votes to win on Friday evening.

Talks continued into the night before another vote was abandoned and Abodi pulled out of the race.

“I have to accept the fact they don’t want to take a step forward, so I am stepping aside,” explained an angry Abodi.

“In these two and a half years at the Lega Serie B I have remained a football fan. I must defend my idea of football, which is one of passion and love. I thought the powers that be could have a moment of dignity and vote for a President, but that was not the case.

“Everyone thinks about themselves and until there is clarity with everyone working together, there’s no point talking about plans for the future. I was put forward as a candidate for this role, I didn’t choose to stand for President, so I have no problem leaving them to it.

“There was tension in the air during the meeting. When those in charge get in sync with the fans, then perhaps football can take a step up in quality in this country. I get the feeling people in the Lega don’t want to change.”

Another meeting and a vote with new candidates has been pencilled in for January 18.

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