Sunday January 20 2013
Moggi won't run for Senate

Disgraced former Juventus director general Luciano Moggi has officially abandoned his plan to run for political office.

Moggi, who was the central figure in the Calciopoli scandal, had raised eyebrows when announcing he would be running as a candidate for the Riformisti Italiani party in the Italian Senate.

However, this weekend he released a statement revealing he had changed his mind.

“I must thank the Riformisti Italiani and their leader Stefania Craxi for giving me the opportunity to run as a candidate. Other political parties had called me, but I had turned them down.

“After careful reflection, I must give up on this candidacy so that I can concentrate better on what will be my priority – the Calciopoli trials that have destroyed the lives of dozens of families of referees and assistants who were entirely extraneous to this absurd affair, which was used only for the political candidacy of others.

“Eventual immunity from prosecution by being in the Senate, which some people suggested was a reason for my candidacy, is just part of the usual cruel lies I have had to live with for some time.

“I will fight with all my strength to establish the truth that I fought for over these years with the millions of Juventus fans by my side.”