Thursday January 24 2013
Juventus remember Gianni Agnelli

Italian champions Juventus have paid tribute to former club patron Gianni Agnelli on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Born in 1921, Agnelli became the main shareholder in FIAT and he was Juventus President for six years from 1947.

“Today, ten years on from his death, Giovanni Agnelli is an example to everyone,” a note on the club’s website says.

“His style, taste and personality have become, or rather, remained, the yardstick in finance, politics and sport.

“Every area he was prominent in feels not the duty, but the need to make comparisons with what he might have thought. Something which in actual fact masks the desire to appreciate him.

“Hearing someone say, “Agnelli would have liked it”, shows its value and working hard to achieve it is the best way to honour his memory. Juve, his Juve, are trying and we believe the club is succeeding.

“Cesare Prandelli, the Italy national Coach, who Agnelli knew as a player, is convinced of it. Agnelli would have enjoyed this.

“He would have admired the class of Andrea Pirlo, the authority of Buffon, the flair of Mirko Vucinic, the power of Paul Pogba, the youth of Claudio Marchisio and the desire of Antonio Conte.

“This is at least what we’d like to think. We like to imagine him sat in his seat at Juventus Stadium, applauding enthusiastically.

“And, once the game is over, he would make his way home to Villa Frescot, proud and smiling at the knowledge that his Juve is in good hands.”

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